Dedication to best possible patient care. This is how it was originally supposed to be. The reason I have gone through learning the best techniques and the most recent developed scientific advancements, all through my life, has been to provide the best possible patient care according to his/her medical disease. Often, this is, unfortunately forgotten by most surgeons. This is a recent cultural expectation which does not correlate with the aims at least I had in mind when I applied for medical student position; those are still my goals. I still have the same goals in mind, however, in the current era in a different cultural atmosphere.

Honestly, every effort I have made to adopt new techniques, each day/year I have spent to learn the most recent scientific development, has been to provide the best and current possible care for my needed patients. God help me to maintain the same manner I have always had, that is, provide the best for my patients whom seek support and therapy from me.

God help me

Seyed-Ahmad Hassantash, MD, FACS

Professor, Cardiovascular Surgeon